Back to the Blogging World

Hello there.

I am Maxine and I am returning to the blogging world after more than two years of hiatus. Yes, I’m back to blogging and I missed my virtual friends and blog groups I joined in. I am so excited to hear from you again. I am so excited to share my musings (hey, this is my ex-blog name!), as well as my rants.

I took a break from blogging because of my online work and other obligations. I take part time jobs online, but it was hard on my schedule, because, a couple of years ago,  I still have a tutorial job, my homemaker responsibilities, and I am in-charge of taking care of my granddaughter. What I did is to give up blogging. Which I think was a bad move.

I think two years lull from blogging was a remorseful move. My blog could be a great showcase for my skills – blogging, website building,  and other related skills.  I could have advanced my knowledge in this field. Anyways, it’s too late to be regretful. Here I am back to blogging.

Yes, I work online. I am a Virtual Assistant and accepts part time job. I do admin support – web research, data collection,  data entry, and data management. I also do content writing and social media management and marketing.

I did attempt to set up my blog again for a million times, ha-ha,  but it was always a failure. But today…what is happening? I am writing my first posts! I am blogging again! Hooray!

Welcome to my blog, peeps!


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