My First Online Job

How did I get my first online job?

May 2014 was my big break in working online. It was a research and article writing for an American client. It was my first online job!  Curious how I got it?

I find myself looking a job ad in Craiglist (a classified advertisement website).   I applied through email expressing my interest to the job.  After several days my client replied through email, she said that I am hired. She asked when I can start to work. She also said she will pay me $2.00/hour through Paypal. I was so happy! I  replied the email. The following day, I received an email from my client, she wrote in full detail the instructions of my job. That was it!

I got the job easy peasy. My first online job was unforgettable.  My client did not ask for my resume. And no interview and test was done. It was also a long term job, more than 7 months!  To boot, my client was so nice.  She also pays pronto.

After this first online job, I have to experience the hardships of finding another job. I need to go the process of submitting resumes. I write and re-write cover letters, and do tests/exams. After my first online job, I was unfortunate to land a long-term job again. I have even scammed huhu.

My first online job was such a positive experience! It pushed me to have an online career. How about you? How did you get your first online job?


10 thoughts on “My First Online Job

  1. I haven’t been hired. That’s the problem. I work full time but would like to do this part time. I’ve revised my resume, created my own website, also have a linked in account. I’ve applied to several and never hear anything back. What am I doing wrong??


    1. Hello! Be cautious. Research that person and company. Make sure you are talking to a person from a real company. Can I post your question on my blog and write an article about it?Thank you for visiting my blog.


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