How to Become a Virtual Assistant

In my last post, I shared how I got my first online job. That was my big break! It had opened to a great opportunity!  Instantly, I become Virtual Assistant!

Imagine, I am now in my 50’s… I never thought that I can still get a job, be paid in dollars and have an online career! Above is an infographic I created to visualize how I become a Virtual Assistant.

Identify Skills

When I decided to look for an online job, I asked myself what are the skills I already have? Taking Virtual Assistant courses did not come into my mind. So, I assessed my skills. What I am good at? I can blog, write, research and do graphic design. These skills were my first investment.

Prepare Equipment and Tools

The major equipment I need is a laptop, that I already have. We already have the internet! So, I jump into the next step.

Look for clients, right away

Yes, I look for clients right away. I joined Upwork, and subscribed to Craiglist. And after a few weeks, I got my first online job. I saw a job post on Craiglist and the lady is looking for a researcher. I try my luck! I emailed her, exchanged a couple of emails and after a couple of days, she decided to hire me.

Identify your rate and how your clients will be able to pay you

For that first online job, I was paid a measly $2.50 per hour. I worked 2-3 hours per day for more than 6 months. Yes, I know my rate at that time was so low! But I don’t have any idea how should I rate myself, ha! If only I know. Anyways, that was charged to experience. The lesson I got from that experience is never ever under rate your work, your self!

So, that’s it!

Aside from Upwork and Craiglist please visit these  43 Freelancing Websites too.


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