How to Become a Virtual Assistant

In my last post, I shared how I got my first online job. That was my big break! It had opened to a great opportunity!  Instantly, I become Virtual Assistant!

Imagine, I am now in my 50’s… I never thought that I can still get a job, be paid in dollars and have an online career! Above is an infographic I created to visualize how I become a Virtual Assistant.

Identify Skills

When I decided to look for an online job, I asked myself what are the skills I already have? Taking Virtual Assistant courses did not come into my mind. So, I assessed my skills. What I am good at? I can blog, write, research and do graphic design. These skills were my first investment.

Prepare Equipment and Tools

The major equipment I need is a laptop, that I already have. We already have the internet! So, I jump into the next step.

Look for clients, right away

Yes, I look for clients right away. I joined Upwork, and subscribed to Craiglist. And after a few weeks, I got my first online job. I saw a job post on Craiglist and the lady is looking for a researcher. I try my luck! I emailed her, exchanged a couple of emails and after a couple of days, she decided to hire me.

Identify your rate and how your clients will be able to pay you

For that first online job, I was paid a measly $2.50 per hour. I worked 2-3 hours per day for more than 6 months. Yes, I know my rate at that time was so low! But I don’t have any idea how should I rate myself, ha! If only I know. Anyways, that was charged to experience. The lesson I got from that experience is never ever under rate your work, your self!

So, that’s it!

Aside from Upwork and Craiglist please visit these  43 Freelancing Websites too.


My First Online Job

How did I get my first online job?

May 2014 was my big break in working online. It was a research and article writing for an American client. It was my first online job!  Curious how I got it?

I find myself looking a job ad in Craiglist (a classified advertisement website).   I applied through email expressing my interest to the job.  After several days my client replied through email, she said that I am hired. She asked when I can start to work. She also said she will pay me $2.00/hour through Paypal. I was so happy! I  replied the email. The following day, I received an email from my client, she wrote in full detail the instructions of my job. That was it!

I got the job easy peasy. My first online job was unforgettable.  My client did not ask for my resume. And no interview and test was done. It was also a long term job, more than 7 months!  To boot, my client was so nice.  She also pays pronto.

After this first online job, I have to experience the hardships of finding another job. I need to go the process of submitting resumes. I write and re-write cover letters, and do tests/exams. After my first online job, I was unfortunate to land a long-term job again. I have even scammed huhu.

My first online job was such a positive experience! It pushed me to have an online career. How about you? How did you get your first online job?

Back to the Blogging World

Hello there.

I am Maxine and I am returning to the blogging world after more than two years of hiatus. Yes, I’m back to blogging and I missed my virtual friends and blog groups I joined in. I am so excited to hear from you again. I am so excited to share my musings (hey, this is my ex-blog name!), as well as my rants.

I took a break from blogging because of my online work and other obligations. I take part time jobs online, but it was hard on my schedule, because, a couple of years ago,  I still have a tutorial job, my homemaker responsibilities, and I am in-charge of taking care of my granddaughter. What I did is to give up blogging. Which I think was a bad move.

I think two years lull from blogging was a remorseful move. My blog could be a great showcase for my skills – blogging, website building,  and other related skills.  I could have advanced my knowledge in this field. Anyways, it’s too late to be regretful. Here I am back to blogging.

Yes, I work online. I am a Virtual Assistant and accepts part time job. I do admin support – web research, data collection,  data entry, and data management. I also do content writing and social media management and marketing.

I did attempt to set up my blog again for a million times, ha-ha,  but it was always a failure. But today…what is happening? I am writing my first posts! I am blogging again! Hooray!

Welcome to my blog, peeps!