5 Steps to Create a Social Media Plan

I am sharing with you how I create a social media plan. By the way, a social media plan is the strategy of what you will do for your business using social media in a certain period. This plan should conform to the overall goals and objectives of your business.

So, how I create a social media plan?  Here are the steps:


Evaluate social media presence, this is the basis of all the hard work.

  • Is my client on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In,  Google+?
  • Gather all the data – number of followers, likes, shares, comments, clicks, mentions, video views, post reach, etc.
  • Analyze data. I always advise my clients that it is better to use fewer social media platforms than to stretch their presence very thinly on every social network.  This is also the time that my client should determine what social media platform should work for her business.


Given the data and analysis, set the objectives now.  And it should be SMART –Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.


A client asks me to help her on her Twitter account. She likes to post her old blog posts and like to increase her Twitter engagement.

This is the objective we set:

After two weeks, my tweet engagements will be 3% from 0.6%, by posting images and videos from old blog posts.


When I create content,  I always remember my objective – how will we reach the 3% engagement?

What I did are as follows:

  1. Visit the website of my client. Look and select the 14 old blog posts. Read the posts.
  2. Identify the posts that I will do photo cards, infographics, flowcharts, and videos.
  3. Create a draft two-week calendar to send to my client to ask for approval. It consisted of the following:
  • Captions or Tweets; Tweet multiple times a day
  • Hashtags to use.
  • Images, visuals or videos
  • Link to the blog post

It looks like this:


  1. Send the draft to my client and wait for approval.
  2. While waiting, I started to create the graphics/visuals and videos.


I use Hootsuite for scheduling posts. So, everything on the Calendar are transferred to the scheduler.


After two weeks, I look for the analytics, create and send the report to my client. For this two-week Twitter project here is the result. Engagement is 2.6% after 14 days…ha-ha! Almost close to the objective!





My daring way to find my niche

Finding my niche was hard. For the last two years, of being a freelancer/virtual assistant I was in a state of confusion of what is my niche. What services I will sell. What is my niche? I like research job, I like marketing, graphic design…but I also like social media, ha-ha!

But last year, I came to settle down of what I really love to do. Here is my daring way to find my niche.

First, I asked myself what are the skills that I am good? Look, here’s my skill set:

  1. Research
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Social Media
  4. Writing
  5. Planning and organizing

Second, what do I enjoy doing most? I enjoy social media the most. I like to connect with my family and relatives. I like to belong to a group. I like to share photos.

Based on these, I decided to become a social media marketer! Wow, daring, isn’t it?

In this job, I will be doing what I like to do and I will enjoy doing it. Did you know I already got 3 clients for this job? Two were a short termed project. The other client?  I’m with her for 10 months now, ha-ha. She is in a recruiting business in London.

So, that is my daring way to find my niche…ha-ha.

That’s correct, I am proud to call myself a social media marketer. I am learning and acquiring skills. I am reading a lot of stuff about social media marketing online. I enrolled myself to free webinars. I joined Facebook groups who are social media marketers.

Need to say this? I am enjoying and loving it! How about you? Have you found your niche?

Can you become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

Can you become a Virtual Assistant with no experience?
My answer is yes.
I think as long as you know how to use a computer and have an internet connection, you are set to go. You can be a Virtual Assistant with no experience! I have shared here how I started my freelancing/virtual assistance career. I capitalize my research skills.  Ah, research work… that’s what I know back then.  I am confident to offer that service to anyone who will hire me.

Guess what I did? What I did is look for research jobs. I was fortunate to get a research job in such a very short period of rummaging the internet, ha-ha! And that was the start of my freelance/virtual assistant career. And I may say, I have no experience at all!

What should I be doing? Researching. My client asked me to look for Paleo recipes. Googled it and I do find tons of recipes.  I copy paste the recipes into my client’s database.  And that was it. That was easy. Anyone can do that!

Anyone can do that!

Is that job needs experience? No!

Did my client ask for my experience in research work? No!

Easy isn’t it? I got an online job that lasted for more than 6 months! And that was the start of my freelancing or virtual assisting.

The lesson I learned is that you should be CONFIDENT. If you have the skill and you want to help others with your skill, and by any means go for it. Look for that job… look high and low, haha.

And now I may add, after 3 years of freelancing/virtual assisting…pick a NICHE. What skill you are good or great? What is it that you really, really love to do? Is it writing? Is it researching? Transcribing? Graphic design? Web design?

Focus on that skill. And upgrade your skill. Learn, learn, learn! Why pick a niche? Because you need to have a lot of experience in that niche or in that line of work you choose. In the process you become skilled, you specialize in that niche. You become an expert! In addition to these, it is much easier to find clients.  Remember that experts are the ones seeking out by clients, not the other way around.

So, if you are knowledgeable or have the skill in the following area, start your freelancing/virtual assistant career now. Yes, even you don’t have experience.

  1. Writer/Blogger – if you have skill in writing, offer your services by writing blog posts, articles, essays, newsletters, press releases, social media content, and other digital content.
  2. Social Media Manager – if you can post, share, pin, tweet and update your social media you can offer this kind of service, too. You can upgrade this skill by familiarizing yourself with automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and the like, and learn even basic graphic design. Or upgrade your graphic design skills.
  3. E-commerce Assistant – selling online is very popular these days. Online store owners need help in writing a product description, responding to inquiries, promote sales or run the day-to-day operations of a store. If you are good in this field, it is a great opportunity to gain experience.
  4. Real Estate Assistant – A lot of realtors are looking for support for their business, they need someone to manage their calendar, market open houses, write listing descriptions. If you are interested in this field it is a good opportunity to gain experience.

Want to earn online? Want to be a Virtual Assistant? Start now!!

Hey…come back here and share with me your journey to the freelancing/virtual assistance world.